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Tops & Cardi: H&M / Pants & Coat: Forever 21/ Shoes: Americanino/ Choker: La Bicharraka

Where to begin… I don’t even know what I should be writing here. Maybe I should start by explaining why I’m posting in english again after so long - greetings from Chile! - or not. It all seems very silly given the slight possibility that freaking Leandra Medine or someone from the Manrepeller team *might* eventually read this.

It reminds me of the time I ran into Win - Arcade´s fire lead singer - at Lollapalooza while listening to Savages. I was barely able to utter a word and I’m pretty sure I freaked him out with my excitement. Anyway, I digress.

While you awesome gals from the north are starting to enjoy a summer-ish spring, in the south side of the world, particularly in Chile, we’re living in a fictional fall with temperatures of 35ºF - yes, excuse me if I feel a little bit cheated, but these are NOT fall temperatures (wears “climate change is real” t-shirt). As we know, fashion weeks and trends in general are based on the seasons of the “top part of the world” - you know, above the Equator - and it’s somewhat weird to live in the half of the world that always has opposite temperatures, wearing coats and scarves while you’re starting to whip out your bikinis...so bare with my layering.

I adore my Alexander Wang X H&M sports bra and I wish I could wear it every single day - it might have a little something to do with the initials spelling AWAWAWA all over me. Maybe -, so I managed to make it wearable in the cold weather by layering it over a black turtleneck (that might as well be my new underwear because I wear it with pretty much everything).

I’m also a big fan of capri pants and culottes, their versatility and comfort makes them great choices for pretty much every time of the year and any type of occasion when accessorized properly. I honestly decided not to give a f*ck anymore about my height or about my fupa.

Even though it wasn’t intentional, the entire look has a Soko-ish vibe that I dig.

Sparkly socks FTW by Las Pepas. / Awesomesauce incredibly squeaky shoes by Americanino - Jeffrey Campbell originals here and my birthday is in October, wink wink.

Finally, I’d like to thank bloglovin’, H&M and the MR team for the possibility to enter the contest. My inner fangirl is going crazy for being able to reach out to these amazing people and role models.

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¡Hola a todos! Sé que es medio de forra que esté escribiendo en inglés de repente, pero este post es internacional :)

Para aquellos que no lo saben, el otoño en Chile no existe, es todo un engaño y una ficción, porque NO es de otoño despertarse con 2 grados en la mañana. El sábado por suerte hizo mejor clima y un poco de sol, así que mis piernas vieron algo de luz, que probablemente dejarán de conocer hasta Octubre que empiece a hacer alguito de calor de nuevo.

Aunque sea MUYold news” hablar de esto, sé que no soy la única que sufrió por la poca usabilidad en la vida real de la colección que lanzó Alexander Wang para H&M, pero acá estamos, desafiando el frío y las leyes de lo políticamente correcto, inspirándonos en nuestra querida Leandra Medine, manrepelleando nuestro camino por la vida.

Gracias Pablo por las fotos. Necesito otros voluntarios para poder postear más seguido :)

Como siempre, les dejo mi instagram, soy mucho más activa por allá: @andrea_urdaneta
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