Cartoon of the Week: Shit happens

This week I chopped off an eyebrow while cutting my bangs*
(actually it was a little bit of both)
Creo que este tipo de accidentes nos han pasado a todos alguna vez… ¿O es solo a mí? La semana pasada intenté recortarme la pollina/flequillo –me veía así- y todo había sido sorprendentemente exitoso… Hasta que me di cuenta de que me había cortado partes de las dos cejas, por suerte no se nota mucho y yo lo veo con puro humor J
I think we’ve all had this kind of accidents at one point or another… Or is it just me? Last week I tried to cut my bangs a little – I looked like this – and everything was turning out to be oddly successful… Until I noticed I had chopped off bits of both my eyebrows –hee hee- luckily it’s almost unnoticeable and I just laugh about it J


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